SmartIT Conversion Tool

The SmartIT conversion tool is called QED. QED is a suite of processes that have been designed with many features and controls to ensure exact extraction. QED delivers formatting to the client’s design to provide easy ingestion into the target system. QED is fully automated - a batch run data conversion, formatting & reporting routine that has been designed to :

  • Work on all versions of StorQM and StorQM+, including variants such as ORF and ORF+
  • Execute independently of the original system, without the need for any of the associated QM databases.
  • Produce reports with their original report names.
  • Be fully scalable, coping with large volumes of data.
  • Successfully handle large and nested files.
  • Use zip compression routines to maximize space and control.
  • Manage multi-file and multi-passes.
  • Produce essential and valuable Management information and statistics to increase the accuracy of the migration.
  • Handle corrupt RPT files.
  • Identify missing RPTs, thus missing reports.
  • Identify & sideline duplicate reports automatically if required.
This allows clients to easily:
  • Convert any StorQM version RPT to ASCII text or XML or PDF’s with overlays.
  • Remove unwanted reports by name or creation date.
  • Represent reports loaded incorrectly.
  • Create a list of data conversion rule sets.
  • Create charts of your totals.
  • Mix and match your work rule.
  • Produce “Sorry Docs” for reports that are missing.
  • Perform accurately the migration checks and balances.
  • Produce required MIS reporting.

QED can read and write to zip files for ease of handling.
In undertaking the conversion, any invalid or corrupt source files identified are deposited into a ‘Fail’ directory for later investigation and correction, thus ensuring the conversion process continues smoothly without interruption.